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Frequently Asked Questions

The Royal Mango in Houston, Texas A Taste of Elegance transparent logo

Our mangoes are handpicked superstars from the lush lands of Pakistan, imported to the USA and bursting with unmatched flavor.

Simply, go to our shop tab, select your mango of preference. 

Southwest Airline pickup location, is the Southwest cargo location at the airport. If you select this, please make sure to pick your nearest location where Southwest Airlines operate at.  This is normally same day or next day delivery. 

Local Pickup is our local partners. This will also allow you to see where our mangoes are sold at.  We work with multiple vendors nation-wide that sell “The Royal Mango”, allowing us to be nationwide. 

Delivery to your Door step allows us to send our mangoes directly to you. In areas, we are unable to have local pickup nor southwest pickups, we offer Delivery to your Door step.  Also, these are ideal for customers wanting to have 1 or 2 boxes. 

Please allow 2 ~ 3 business days for deliveries in USA. We mail to all 48 states, except Alaska and Hawaii. Deliveries are done only Monday through Thursday. We will not ship on a holiday week. 

We provide free shipping, on “Delivery to your Door Step” selection. 

Mangoes are perishable items and tend to ripe very quick. We strive to send the best quality mangoes to you. If there is an issue upon delivery, please let us know within 24 hours of delivery.  

Just take a picture within 24 hours of arrival with your order details. Our staff will provide you with a discount code, which you can be used on your next order.

To submit a claim under this policy please submit video evidence of the item’s defects by email to customer support at within 24 hours of the item’s delivery time. Delivery time is defined as the time and date which is time stamped by the mail carrier (eg USPS, UPS) upon delivery. The video must clearly show any defects that are part of a claim. 

Our mangoes are carefully handpicked in Pakistan at the perfect stage of ripeness and naturally mature during their journey to the USA.

A ripe mango will give slightly to gentle pressure and have a sweet, fruity aroma. If it feels firm or has no scent, give it a couple of days to ripen up!

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If you live within the Houston Area, we will be having multiple locations for pick-up, as well as purchasing at pick-up locations.

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